Monday, November 7, 2011

Active and Accomplished

I don't know about you guys, but I had a busy weekend.  I almost feel like I need a weekend to get over my weekend. Ha!

It started Saturday morning with my favorite Spinning class.  The instructor is great, and I always feel like a million bucks in a dog-tired, worked-my-tail-off kind of way.  On the way home from class, I was anticipating a nice shower and a lazy afternoon of crocheting since the weather couldn't seem to make up its mind between mostly cloudy and rainy.  However, just before I pulled into my driveway, I got a call from Kent saying not to get too spiffed up because we were going on a hike.  

Even though I was a little pooped, I wasn't going to miss out on a new hike.  We went to a trail on the North Shore of the island that we hadn't done before-- the Kealia Trail.  (Truthfully, we haven't done nearly as many hikes as I would like... Sometimes the weather here just will not cooperate while Kent is around.  It barely cooperated for this hike... hence the cloudy looking phone pics.)

Kent, his brother Luke, my big fur baby Duke, and I all hit the trail and climbed the mountain,  It wasn't my very favorite hike, but it was fun, and it had some cool views.  Duke had a great time, and was completely tuckered out when we got home.  Poor little Murphy couldn't go with us since it was so rocky and had some steps that were taller than him.  He just took a nap at home and got super pumped to see us when we got back. :)

Duke wasn't the only one tuckered out when we got home.  I was too, so I made sure I got plenty of rest because Sunday was going to be a looooong day.

Yesterday I went to a nine hour class on the Air Force base here.  I learned a few new things and got refreshed on others, and now I can officially teach Spinning classes!!!!! I'm pretty excited.  It was my first step in moving towards a new "job."

                                                                                                         Source: via Erin on Pinterest

I was soooo nervous before my class.  It's so silly (stupid social anxiety), but since I hadn't been in any kind of classroom in two years, I was a little scared.  With my introverted, pretty much type-A personality, I don't like to fail at anything, and the thought of not being prepared or not being good enough kills me.  Luckily, Kent and my mom gave me some "you've got this" speeches, and I got myself together and headed off.  When I got there, though, it was not bad at all.  I actually really enjoyed it (well, most of the 9 hours... I did crash a little around 4pm).  It also got me really motivated to continue my education in the fitness arena.  I don't think I could ask for more than that.  

All in all, my weekend was pretty active, and I feel pretty accomplished... gotta love that. :)  Did you guys have a good weekend?  Anything cool and exciting?  Did you get much accomplished on any front-- work, rest, learning, family time? 

Hope your Monday is off to a great start! 


  1. Yay!!!!! So glad you got your certification! :)

  2. wow! I'm so jealous of how active you are! My plan is to start training for my first 5K - however, we will see how that goes! We spent the weekend catching up with friends - and those was fantastic!

  3. Congrats on getting your certification! :) That is exciting! My weekend was also super busy, but fun. Friday we worked on finishing getting our wedding invitations addressed and stamped and also had a birthday party for our friend Olivia. Saturday, Neal and I went to lunch at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants with his mom and grandmother and then went to a birthday party for our friend Connie. Sunday, my mom and I double checked the invitations and master guest list to be sure we had everyone and then went to mine and Neal's second wedding shower that our friend hosted for us :) Once we got all of the gifts put up on Sunday night, I was pretty exhausted! But, then I had school work to, I could also use a weekend to get over my weekend! haha


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