Friday, January 27, 2012

Betta Think of a Name...

A few days after I returned from my Christmas holidays, I was sad to see that my poor little betta fish Sue passed away.  (Click here to read why he, yes he, was named Sue.)  Sue was the first little pet I had here in Hawaii so I was sad to see him go.  However, he was an old man in the betta fish world at more than two years old.

I waited a bit to replace him, but I finally decided yesterday would be the day.  I went to the pet store down the road and found another vibrant and beautiful betta to live in Sue's old home.  

When I got in the car with him, I started thinking about what I would name him.  Since my "boy named Sue" approach seemed to work before, as Sue lived to a ripe old age, I thought I'd stick this guy with another traditionally girly name.  For some reason I thought of Nancy, but then I kept thinking about how beautiful his blue coloring was, and I thought I might want to use it somehow.  I decided to take him home, get him settled, and think about it.

He's a very curious fellow, and took all afternoon investigating every nook and cranny of his tank.  Then it dawned on me.  I knew what his name would be.

Meet Nancy Blue, my new dishwashing buddy (since his tank is near my sink).  Somehow, in a weird way, his new name suits him.

What do you guys think? :)  Am I the only crazy person who names their fish?  If I'm not, what do you call your fish?


  1. Nancy Blue is beautiful! And I'm right there with ya on naming fish for their personalities. I have a male Betta that I've had for almost 2 1/2 years, and his name is Gucci Mane (after the rapper) because he's the most gangsta' fish I've ever seen-haha. He loves to get all puffed up and sometimes I think he knows his name. He's a tough guy, and I feel like he will live forever...unless he tries another suicide mission (he jumped out of his bowl once). Some people looked at me crazy when I said I was moving him to SC with us, but hey, fish are family too :)

  2. LOVE HIM!!! I haven't had a fish in ages! I wonder if we can find somewhere to buy them around here. Bettas are easy to take care of if I remember correctly right? I totally name all my pets, even our snails!

  3. bahahaha! I had a betta in college named tequilla! Loved that little guy!!!

    Just found your blog today! So excited to read more from ya =)


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