Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tail Wagging Tuesday: Special Pup Feature- Jasper the Dachshund

It's time for another Tail Wagging Tuesday!  This week I get to share with you a sweet pup that belongs to one of my childhood friends Carli.  She was sweet enough to agree to an interview so we can meet her sweet Jasper. :)

What kind of dog is Jasper?  How old is he?  
Jasper is a Standard dachshund. He is 2 years old. Turned 2 on September 30.

Where did you get Jasper?  What's his story? 

Brent and I were building our house and the man that was doing some work was late one morning because he had to help his dog deliver her puppies. He asked Brent if we wanted one and Brent said no, but later what kind or they? The man said dachshunds, so Brent said yeah we'd take one. We got first pick, and we chose Jasper.

How did Jasper get his name?  

I didn't have a name for him for close to 2 weeks.  Then my friends and I went to  dinner before seeing Twilight New Moon and I said Jasper! Im going to name him Jasper. Brent liked it too so thats what we named him.

What are Jasper's favorite things to do?  Things that make him unique?  Crazy quirks or special sweet things he does?  
Jasper is with me everyday. He goes everywhere with me if I can help it, so when I get ready to leave he runs to the door, gets my flip flop and throws it at me.  He is the only dog I have ever had that eats ice like it's a dog treat. 

What makes Jasper so special to you and your family?  What does he mean to you?  
In 2006 my husband Brent got a dachshund from the animal shelter and named him Carlos. They only had him a few years and he got hit by a car. It broke all of our hearts and Jasper helps us feel better because he looks just like Carlos.  To me, personally, Jasper keeps me company. When Brent and I first got married, for the first 8 months he worked from 4:00pm-12:00am so having Jasper here gave me someone to talk to.  Plus he is always with me everyday, so he's like having a baby to take care of. 

If there's anything you think should be shared and it wasn't asked in a question, share it here.  :)
From the day we got Jasper Brent and I have thought that his paws smell like Nacho cheese doritos.  We always joke that we are going to call the dorito company and get him on a commercial.

Thank you Carli for sharing Jasper with us!

If you have a special pup, kitty, or any other furry or feathered friend you'd like to share, please let me know!  I'd love to feature your pet!  Just e-mail me at TailsToTell [at] Live [dot] com, and we can set up an "interview." 

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