Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wifey Fail

So I had one of those days yesterday...

One of those days where not a whole lot goes as planned.  You know those kind?

It started out okay.  Kent and I went to go workout together (well, he would be offended if I said "together," it's really more like we rode to the gym together and did our own thing).  That was a great start to the day.   Then, I did a Wal-Mart run where I picked up a few things, including some cute costumes for my furry buddies (Can't wait to show you!!!) and went to the grocery store.  

Since Kent was thinking this would be a week where he didn't have to go into work all that much, he's been a little bummed to have to go in all day for the past few days.  To make things a little better, I thought I'd make a nice pot roast (wish sweet potatoes, onions, and french onion soup mix... yum yum) in the slow cooker, along with a pecan pie that he'd been hinting at for a while now.  

Unfortunately, I didn't get back from the store until noon to put it all together.  (Mind you, in the past they have cooked much faster.  I'd put them together in the morning and they would be ready by about 1:00pm.)  I guessed, according to previous experience, that it would be ready by 7 at the latest.

Fast forward a few hours...

Garbage disposal clogs.  Luckily, I am persistent and my dad's daughter, so an hour later I fix it myself.

I then realize I forgot sugar at the store, so I have to pedal down to the mini-mart to get some to make my pies.

Pies finally cook successfully.  Score one for me.

Kent's home around five, and he's hungry... However, the pot roast isn't ready to cooperate.


Nearly two hours later, the pot roast still isn't done, and we're starving.

The solution:  order pizza.

Yep, I felt like a bit of a failure.
It was okay though.

At least we got to finish it off with a pecan pie that did turn out okay...
It was kind of yummy, even if I do say so myself. :)

Plus, we get a really good meal tomorrow, and I don't have to cook it! (Perhaps the best part of it all!)

Oh, and Murphy man and Duke got to beg for food all day because of the crazy food smells in the house all day...
It was a little hard to resist those faces. 

Do you guys ever have days like that?  Where things just don't want to go your way?  Sitting back and finding the positive sure helps. 

Happy Wednesday!


  1. haha that sounds kinda crazy. At least your pecan pie turned out okay and it looks yummy! My day today was one of those days were you feel busy all day but have nothing really accomplished.

  2. Oh I've definitely had those moments. The first time I made PW's Meatloaf, I followed the directions exactly. To a "t". And I don't know why, it would up taking twice as long to cook as it said in the recipe - which is a long time when the original cook time is one hour! Needless to say, I felt horrible. I was stubborn, though, and made us wait till it was actually done. :)


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