Monday, August 1, 2011

Island Fever?

I'm not sure what the exact definition of island fever is, but I think I have it.

I know... I know... No one wants to hear it because I live here....

It's a beautiful place, but it's also a very tiny speck in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.  The entire island I live on is a single county.  Back home, I don't think I ever stayed in the same county for more than a week without at least venturing out for something, so I certainly never stayed there for months at a time. It's beginning to make me feel trapped and a little claustrophobic.

Those feelings are making me feel very much like I'm in a rut.  There are only so many things I want to do on this nearly 600 square mile rock alone.  You can't go to the beach everyday, and hikes or touristy things aren't so much fun by yourself.  

This rut-- which probably stems from such a monotonous routine-- has really started to effect my creativity.  It's beginning to seem like no project can hold my attention.  I have a half finished furniture remake, a 3/4 finished crochet blanket, a few nearly completed beanies, and a few paintings that I'm trying like crazy to get through.  The motivation just isn't there.  

And when the motivation isn't there, the work's not that great.  And if the work's not that great, I'm not going to waste my time on something I'll have to redo.  Therefore, I've tried to take a few days this past weekend to re-group.  I literally just sat around reading, walking my dogs, or lounging at the pool.  I needed something to reboot my system to get a few things done before I can fully recharge on my trip home to Georgia in a little over a week.  Hopefully it will work.  

Anyone else ever find themselves in such a rut from being in the same place way too long, no change in scenery, or just plain monotony?

Just for giggles, I thought I'd share a ridiculous photo from my reading rendezvous this weekend.  My sweet Duke has no idea that he's 80-some-odd pounds.  He thinks he's the size of a chihuahua and that it's okay for him to crawl up in my lap like one.  I think he's just a little too big.  What do you think?


  1. I find myself in ruts at times too! It's usually the same thing - when I find myself stuck at home or when I'm really busy taking care of everyone else and then don't have the time or energy to complete what I want to do! I think it's natural and I bet you're trip to Georgia will help!

  2. Sorry you're in a rut :( I definitely have times when I feel completely uninspired and can't seem to pull myself back together. These times for me recently have been because of school...I really dislike having to do something that consumes all of my time and leaves little space for taking a time out for myself. But, when I get to those places, my remedy almost always comes through good music and my pups. I can be having a horrible day and feel like there is no point or not much worth to something I'm having to invest so much time in, but if I can just put in my earphones, the outside noise goes away, and I find myself in my own little world. And, that's what's so great about can choose whatever genre you want to perk up your spirits. Or, if I'm home alone, I crank up my iPod dock and just jam while I work. Having my pups Sharpie and Charlotte by my side also helps me get through these times. They are there no matter what with their little wagging tails, which makes me remember the little joys in life that I can so easily overlook when I'm so stressed out. I hope you find your way out of your rut soon and have a great trip home! :)

  3. Love that pic! Jeb is the same way, he likes to back into me and plop down so he's sitting on my lap...thankfully, he doesn't stay long. 80 pounds on a boney butt is painful! :)

    I don't blame you for getting stir-crazy. Monotony can set in anywhere. For me, what helps is taking a step back from all the things I normally like to do but just can't get into, take a few weeks off and try something different, or nothing at all, then come back to it fresh and full of ideas.

  4. Ugh. I get the same way!!! It was really bad during the first few months Joe was deployed last year. It's hard when you're not only by yourself but you know you can't just get in the car and drive to see someone. It's VERY hard to adjust to that. Being on an island is ROUGH. It may be beautiful, but when you're over 7000 miles away from friends and family it gets hard. Totally know how you feel. Hang in there!

  5. I bet your trip home will be just what you need. Island fever is exactly the reason (and only reason) I wouldn't want to be stationed in Hawaii. I love to get out and do lots of things and travel. I totally get how you feel sweetie. I hope the rut passes quickly :)


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