Monday, August 29, 2011

Tastes Just like Chicken...

Since I didn't get to finish telling you guys all about my trip to Georgia because of the craziness I had to deal with last week, I thought I would finish up this week.  Hope you don't mind.... because I've got lots of pictures to share. :)

One of my favorite events of the week was the "Low Country Boil" we had at my parents' house.  I had never been to one before, but I knew it would be "some good eatin'."  Since I was so excited about it, I went to the grocery store with my dad to pick up enough food to feed just under 20 people. (In other words, A LOT of food!)  We got potatoes, corn on the cob, sausage, shrimp, and the seasonings for all that, plus the ingredients for an amazing "Tater Sauce."  Then, my daddy saw some crawfish (a.k.a. crayfish).  He thought it would be cool to throw some in the pot with everything else, and I thought so too.  After all, we'd never tried them before.  Since we didn't know how exactly to eat them, and since we weren't sure if we would like them, we didn't get a ton.... just enough for everyone to try one if they wanted.

And they were a hit.  

 Everyone found them to be some interesting little critters.

I think my cousin's description of the taste is my favorite.  She said they taste "just like chicken... soaked in lake water."  Haha! 

Unfortunately, I only got a photo of this little guy after everyone had gone through the line at least once.  I wish so badly that I'd thought to take some photos of the huge mounds of food before everyone started digging in (I was surprised that so much could fit into one pot to cook!), but when the smell of all that yummy food got to my nose, my tummy took over my brain.  It was time to eat!

This is where the whole feast was cooked.... All in that one boiler pot.

Even if I didn't get photos of the all the food, I got a lot of photos of the fun...

Everyone had a great time eating, talking and cutting up, playing frisbee with the dogs, shooting BB guns, practicing with bow and arrows, throwing a baseball, and just enjoying each others company.

Now I can't wait to have another low country boil very soon!

Have you guys ever been to one?  Ever tried a crawfish?  If so, do you like them? :)


  1. One time my in-laws did some sort of boil...I think a shrimp boil, maybe. It was much better than I thought it would be, even though I didn't eat the shrimp. I'm not much of a seafood eater. But I've NEVER eaten crawfish!! Maybe because growing up we'd find them in creeks and I just couldn't imagine eating one of them. =P By the way, we always called crawfish "crawdads" when we were kids. I didn't know they were called anything else for a while. I'm curious if it's a Southern thing or just an Oklahoma thing...

  2. I have been fishing for crawfish, but I've never eaten it. I think I'll stick with shrimp. ;)

  3. And Sarah's right, we call them crawdads. :)


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