Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tail Wagging Tuesday: Special Pup Feature- Chase

Yes, I'm doing Tail Wagging Tuesday a day late.  I had been so excited to share this week's feature with you, but after the fiasco I experienced on Monday, it just didn't happen, so I say better late than never. :)

This week's special feature pup is one that I just met in person last week.  He belongs to my sister, and I had the privilege of going with her when she rescued him while I was home.  He was found by the pound "running at large," so he was picked up and brought to the shelter.  At this point, he is still very very thin (he weighs only 60 pounds, yet his frame could easily support 80 pounds), but due to his microchip and the fact that he was already neutered, it's obvious that someone loved him at one time.  Even though she's had him such a short time, I thought it would be neat to share his story now, so that we could revisit him later to see how he fills out and how his personality and training develops.  For now, let's see what my sister Brittany has to say about her new "fella" named Chase.

What kind of dog is Chase?  How old is he?
      He’s a German Shepherd, and he’s about two years old.

Where did you get Chase?  What's his story?
      Since my dad got a German Shepherd, I’ve wanted one of my own, so I started searching on Petfinder.   I found two that I liked, but for one reason or another they didn’t work out.  One was definitely bred to be a working dog instead of a pet, so I brought him to a family friend and dog trainer who trained him and got him a job.  The other dog seemed like he was going to work out, but at the last minute I was told he had medical problems that would effect the other dogs in my household, so I had to turn down the adoption.  All along I’ve been checking Petfinder and local shelters because I really wanted to rescue one.  Then, I saw his picture on Petfinder while my sister was home.   He was so close by that I couldn’t resist going to look at him. 

 This is his photo from

     Once we got to the shelter and saw him, I couldn’t believe that such a sweet, beautiful German Shepherd was in the shelter without a home and family.  I was a little nervous, but I had a feeling that I was doing the right thing by getting him out of there and taking him home to be spoiled and loved. 

How did Chase get his name?
      For a day and a half, I pondered names.  He was the hardest-to-name animal I’ve ever had.  I thought he might be a “Jake,” but my dad liked the name “Champ” (like his German Shepherd growing up that looked similar).  In an effort to please everyone, I kept the search going.   Then, I started noticing some of his nervous habits like chasing his tail.   He also chased cats and my family’s old Blue Heeler named Lacey--in an attempt to flirt with her, for which he got an "earful."  After seeing these things, my sister suggested Chase, and I thought it was almost like a combination of Champ and Jake, so Chase became his name… and it fits him perfectly.

Even though you haven't had him long, what are Chase's favorite things to do?  Things that make him unique?  Crazy quirks or special sweet things he does?
      He loves to go on long walks outside, and he will do anything for food.  Since he loves food so much, he’s picking up new obedience commands quickly.  He also loves to play with his new “brother” Jett. 

     As far as things that make him unique, he acts like he’s an overgrown cat.  He’ll rub against your legs or another dog or a chair or anything just like a cat.  Then, he’ll stretch like a cat.  It’s pretty funny.  He is also very vocal when he’s excited. 
    He knows when it’s bedtime, and he’ll go into my room then come look for me in the hallway, and he will do that over and over until I “put him to bed” in his crate. 

What makes Chase so special to you?  What does he mean to you?
      Well, he’s my first dog that is solely my responsibility.  He seems so appreciative of his new home and the love he’s getting.  I think, especially since he came from a shelter, that he’s going to be a really special dog that tries hard to learn quickly and please his family.  I couldn’t ask for more.  


  1. What a sweet dog! I love his expressions in his eyes! I used to want a German Shepherd, this post is reigniting that desire! Beautiful!

  2. Oh my goodness, his eyes are soulful and warm. I believe that God puts the right dog with the right person at the right time. Clearly this serendipity for Chase and Brittany. What a great story. Thanks for sharing these special stories each week with all of us dog lovers.

  3. Chase sounds just like my Shep mix...he rubs against me like a cat, too! And he "talks" with his paws a lot, paws at my legs when he wants attention rather than barking like his brother. :) Chase is beautiful! I am definitely a Shep person!


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