Friday, April 15, 2011

Fun Finds Friday: Pretty as a Peacock

I've been seeing peacock stuff everywhere, and I love it!  It almost makes me want to redo at least one room in my house so I can see all those beautiful colors everyday.  Instead, I searched through Etsy to get my peacock fix, and I thought I would share some of my beautiful and fabulous finds with you.

Is this a beautiful color palette or what?

1.  Peacock Silk Feather Clutch by mermaidsdream -- I would love to have this to carry for a night out!

2.  Peacock Crochet Earrings by ZZAG -- These would be so cool to add interest to a casual outfit like jeans and a cardigan!

3.  Peacock Wine Glass Set by marywibis -- I love wine glasses, and I would love to add these to my collection.

4.  Lime and Aqua Tropical Splash Button Bracelet by MrsGibson  --  This bracelet would be awesome for an elementary teacher... I know kids love to look at bracelets like this. 
5.  Lime and Aqua Green Ring Bowl by BlowingSandsGlass -- This beautiful piece would be stunning on a shelf as decoration, or it would be awesome for holding paper clips on your desk.

6.  Peacock Teal Shoes by Parisxox -- These shoes are so beautiful!  I would wear them every chance I got!

7.  Green Rose and Aqua Blue Handmade Necklace by TheSilverDog --  I just love the unique look of this necklace.  Dress it up or down and it would be perfect!

8.  Triple Blue Hydrangea Flower Headband by BellaFleur1 --  I want someone with a beautiful baby girl to get one of these and take it to a photo shoot!  Sooo adorable!

9.  Peacock Scrabble Tile Pendant by PendantLicious --  This little pendant is so cute!  I love scrabble, and I love peacock, so this is perfect.

10.  Textile Embroidered Cushion with Three Daisies by AeFondKis --  The color of this pillow is gorgeous.  I wish I had it sitting on my couch!

11.  Long Drop Earrings in Peacock Blue and Green Swirl by amazingbeads --  These cute little earrings would add a nice pop of collar to any outfit.

12.  Summer Breeze Lime and Peacock Bridal Bouquet by TianaCHE --  I've already had my wedding, so someone I know should use a bouquet like this!  It's gorgeous!

13.  Infinity Scarf in Peacock by DianasTreasures --  This is such a beautiful color for a scarf.  Don't you want to add it to your wardrobe?

14.  Lime Green Feather and Rhinestone Hair Comb by foryoubymenet --  I'm loving hair clips now, and this little comb would be such an interesting addition in a messy side swept bun.

15.  Perfectly Peacock Bridal Clutch by bellefiore2009 --  Okay, so this is the second bridal bouquet I picked... but it's soooo pretty!  I would love seeing it in a beautiful wedding with rich colored bridesmaid's dresses.

16.  Two Sachets by VaVaRa --  Wouldn't it be nice to find these inside your drawer making all your things smell so lovely?

What do you think?  Anything you love or could see yourself with?  

Happy Friday and hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I love these rich colors together! You should totally do a room these colors! Love them!

  2. I am just waiting on the chance to do a room in these colors! Haha! Right now, all of my rooms have a color scheme, and everything is fairly new, so I can't totally change things just yet... but I'm gonna jump at the first chance! :)


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