Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Matching Tables in Action

I finally got the tables stained and coated with polyurethane.  Now they are happily back in their places in my living room, and I love them!  I only wish I had done this project sooner.

After they were stained, I had to wait 8 hours before putting on the polyurethane to protect them, so I waited patiently and got to work on them as soon as I could.

This was when they were just stained.

When it was time, I got out a nice brush and coated them with the polyurethane.
I did three coats, waiting about 3 hours between each one.  

Here they are with the polyurethane, all dried and in action in my living room!
Not too shabby for a $15 makeover investment.

And I've told you before that Murphy automatically goes into model mode when the camera comes out...

It was rainy day nap time for Kent and Duke, and they weren't moving from their napping spot so that I could take a nice neat photo, but I think they add a little interest...

And just because I love seeing before and after shots so much, here you go...

I love them so much now that I really want to protect them.  Since Kent is pretty rough on the one beside his recliner, I thought some cool coasters would be a really great idea.    

I searched around on Etsy (because I always like to support other artists when possible), and I found some really neat ones.  

I really loved these!

Aren't they awesome?  

I don't have a fruit or flower thing going on in my living room, but I really loved the look of these unique coasters , so I sent a message asking about a custom order through a link in her shop, (Be sure to check it out!)  She said she would, so I ordered simple aqua and apple green circles.  I can't wait to get them, and I'll be sure to share pictures when I do!


  1. What a difference! I'm a sucker for before and after as well =)

  2. I love what you did! Thank you so much for featuring my coasters! Hope you will receive them very soon!

    Best Monika

  3. they look great! I love before and after pictures too, they make you say "wow!" Cute coasters find too!


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