Sunday, April 10, 2011

No Sea Legs Lou

One of Kent's friends has a 38 foot sailboat.  A few weeks ago, we went sailing with him for the day, and I absolutely had a blast!  I saw whales up close and personal in the wild for the first time ever, and being the animal lover that I am, I thought it was completely and utterly amazing.

Please forgive me for my extreme excitement in this video... We had just been close enough to this whale that I got sprayed from it's blowhole.  It was really super COOL as you'll find out from this video... haha...

Yesterday we decided to go out on the sailboat again with friends.  I was so excited to see the coast of the island from out in the ocean and see the beautiful blue of the water! 

Kent and some of his buddies were also going to dive down on an old Japanese boat that sunk off the coast-- a fairly popular dive spot.  We left the harbor and enjoyed the beautiful Hawaiian sunshine while watching the people on the beach shrink to the size of ants as we went out into the blue.  When we got to the site, Kent and one of the other guys went down first to try and see the wreck before the other two guys went down.

They came up with no luck because it was a fairly deep wreck and the sailboat had shifted some while they were getting suited up to go down.  It was okay though.  When Kent came back up, he grabbed my camera to snap a few photos (instead of me for a change).

This is a little bit of our cruise today through his eyes...

Oh yeah, that's me...

I forgot to mention that when Kent and his buddy went down first, they anchored the boat, and it immediately twisted so the swells were hitting it from the side (they were powerless to help this).  And the swells weren't tiny ones.  In a matter of moments, despite two cautionary Dramamine a little earlier,  I was feeling every wave after wave after wave after wave, and suddenly I was super seasick.  Ugggghhhhh....
When Kent came up and out of the water, he told me to go down below and lay on my stomach.  It helped.... a little...  

I spent the next 30 minutes face down just like the above picture thinking, "Please God don't let me be sick.  Please God don't let me be sick.  Please God I don't want to be sick."  After the other guys successfully dove on the wreck, we headed back to the harbor, and some of the seasickness subsided once we started moving forward again.  Well, a little bit anyway....

If I haven't already mentioned it, Kent calls me "Lou."  Any time he's talking to his buddies, he refers to me as Lou, so, of course, they all call me "Lou," as well.  There were even some guys who didn't know my real name was Lindsay until a year or so after we met.  Today they decided to add a little extra to my name due to this little incident.  I'm just hoping that "No Sea Legs Lou" doesn't stick for long.  

Anyway, I felt all better by the time we got to the smooth, non-wavy water of the harbor, but I still was ready to kiss the ground when I finally got to stand on a solid surface again.  I'm not complaining though... it was a new memory and a funny picture.  :)

The evening ended with a wonderful bike ride together so I could enjoy my new beach cruiser!  All in all, I'd say it was a pretty good day... despite the darn waves.

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  1. Oh my gosh how cool that you were that close to a whale! I would have probably been sounding just as excited as you! Blek, seasickness, it's the worst, glad you made it through without getting sick.

    Very fun adventure!!


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