Friday, April 29, 2011

Fun Finds Friday: Pretty as a Princess

Since you learned yesterday that I've been really looking forward to the Royal Wedding (because it's a historic event, of course...), I thought I would show you some finds that I felt would surely make anyone feel just like a princess.  (Because let's face it, pretty much all of us girls have at least thought about what it would be like to have a prince come and sweep us away to a castle to be a princess... and that lucky lady Kate Middleton is living our dream right now!)  So... instead of the crown jewels, I'll show you some "gems" I found on Etsy that any of us commoners could enjoy.  :)

1.  Vintage Pink Clutch by DeborahsForgetMeNots -- If I were a princess, I would want a beautiful pink clutch like this with the pretty and sophisticated lace embellishments.

2.  Antique Style Rhinestone Brooch by BeBrooched -- Wouldn't this look beautiful on a nicely tailored colorful suit jacket? 

3.  Vintage Pink Pillbox Hat by Takity -- Ooohhh this hat makes me smile!  I wish it was still in style to wear hats like this everyday.  If I were a princess like Kate, I would have a collection of hats just like this!

4.  Rhinestone Hair Comb by IreneJewelry -- I would think a princess could wear jewels in her hair any day she wanted, and I would take full advantage of it.  I'd wear things just like this!

5.  Pink Rhinestone Ring by BevsVintageBoutique --  I'd also wear gorgeous rings 24/7 if I were a princess.  Luckily for us commoners, Etsy has gorgeous non-royal jewelry for us to have and enjoy. :)

6.  Tea Party Fine Art Print by ciaobellaphotography -- I don't know about you, but I've always thought about tea time when I thought about princesses.  This gorgeous print could help remind us that we all have a little princess in us, and we could all enjoy a tea time every now and then. 

7.  Vintage Gloves by TheSparklingCocktail --  What princess wouldn't wear gloves with a beautiful hat?  I know I sure would!

8.  Cinderella Crystal Slipper Shoes by euphoriabridal -- Ummm... I am pretty sure I would demand some Cinderella shoes if I were a princess.  My life just wouldn't be complete without them.  (Since I'm not though, I wish one of my engaged friends would wear some like these in their wedding... Talk about feeling "princess-y.")

I hope you guys enjoyed my finds fit for a princess!  Anything you would love to have?  Anything items I should have added?  Let me know!

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