Friday, May 20, 2011

Fun Finds Friday: Pink and Green

If you don't already know, my favorite color is green.  When it comes to color combinations with green, I pretty much like them all, but one of my very favorites is pink and green.  I love pink and green together so much that they were my wedding colors!

Today, I'm sharing some really beautiful pink and green finds from Etsy.  Hope you like them!

1.  Garden Gate Earrings by tippystockton --  Love these colors together, and the simple charm of these earrings.

2.  Jewel Crochet Bloom Brooch by editionbw -- Wouldn't this be so pretty on a cardigan... love it.

3.  Smidget Keyring Wallet by AnitagailAccessories -- This pattern is so feminine and sophisticated.  I wouldn't mind having it on my keyring.

4.  Hair Clip or Brooch Pin by MGMart --  I love that this could be a hair piece or a brooch. 

5.  Sweet Love Soap by lustercanyon -- I can smell and feel this soap just from the photo.  Wish I had some right now!

6.  Savannah Wedding Ring Pillow by TheBloomingSouth -- Oh boy, I wish I had found this gorgeous pillow for my wedding.  If you know someone who is using pink and green, show them this!

7.  Pink Rose Ring by TheElephantGarden --  Sweet and simple... So pretty.

8.  Pink Rose and Chartreuse Green Pearl Necklace  by LILIWCOUTURE --  Very feminine and romantic necklace... lovely.  :)

Happy Friday!  Hope you have a great weekend!


  1. I really like pink and green together too! I love your picks for this week, the soft green is much better than the bright neon green. I adore that hair clip!!

  2. Such a beautiful set of items! =)


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