Friday, May 13, 2011

A Little Help...

So, with the hubby away, I've got lots of free time to try to get my house just the way I want.  Right now, I'm trying to focus some attention on my guest bedroom.  Hopefully, I'll be getting some visitors by the end of the summer, and I want a nice, inviting, welcoming, and stylish room for them to use.  (Not to mention, I just get tired of walking by a dull and boring room every day.) That bedroom needs a little help, and so do I, so I'm going to show you my starting point and hope you have some suggestions and opinions.

I did have a queen sized bed in this room for a while because one of Kent's good buddies didn't want his in storage while he wasn't using it, so he asked if we could use it for a while.  I said sure, so it stayed in there for nearly a year.  When he decided he needed it, though, it disappeared, and I wasn't all that disappointed.  Lately, I've been sprawling out on the floor in there to do some of my acrylic paintings, so the thought of a huge bed taking up that much space again just didn't seem right.  Instead, I found this futon, which takes up just the right amount of space, and I really like it.

The pillow sitting on the futon is left over from the bedding had been on the queen sized bed.  I love the color scheme, and I want to stick with it.  Since I won't be using the matching orange queen sized sheets anymore, I've decided to turn them into curtains.  My only problem now is that I can't decide what kind to make-- valances or panels the length of the windows.  I'm totally open to suggestions.

The curtains will be this color.
The orange in the corner is part of one of the sheets.  

Just so you can get an idea of the few other things I have going on in this room, here are a few photos.
These are some paintings I did as a little experiment, 
adding some stitching in the canvas.

In addition to the curtains, I need to give a makeover to a couple small pieces of furniture.

This little TV stand has been through the ringer and been a little beat up, so I'm hoping to give it a paint makeover.
Yep, we still have a big "box" TV.  

This little end table I picked up for $10 from Goodwill has also been patiently awaiting a makeover.
I really want to make it two toned.  Each side has these neat little inset areas that would look cool as different colors.  My only problem is I can't decide which colors... for this or the tv stand.  (I would consider staining, but since the desk and hutch in the photo above these was given to Kent by his grandparents, I don't want to change it, and I don't want other stained pieces that don't match it.)

So.... any cool ideas or color suggestions?  Curtain suggestions?  Any other ideas for this room?  Throw them my way!  This room and I both need a little help!


  1. I'm gonna say PANELS! Think if they were more straight, clean lines, they'd really add a modern pop to the room. It's looking so great, by the way! I hope to see it in person, really soon! :) Let things calm down, and we'll make plans!!

  2. PS... I have an idea on your corner table too. I'll have to find a pic and post it to your wall. Just recently did this faux finish on an old night stand and antique door I had with a chocolate and orange color. It turned out GREAT! We're so pleased! Used the old door as a head board and the matching night stand is perfect. I think it would look great in this room. Let me see if I have a pic, and I'll share!

  3. Let me think and I'll get back to you!

  4. Hey there! I like your fabrics and think valances would look great. For the furniture pull the colors you most like from the floral print and use different shades of it.

  5. this is one i love, but you would have to have some blinds that you could take apart. but i have a sewing book with a pattern for the simple one i was tell you about. i'll show you on monday.

  6. here's one. she makes it more complicated than it should be. and i would do rings down the middle too.

  7. I love both of the cute tutorials Sara shared! As for the furniture...maybe pull one of your favorite colors from the ones you'll be using...the aqua blue comes to mind (may be a truer blue than aqua)...I like to do a piece in a color and then distress it...tones down the color a bit but still adds a little "pop" to the room...lots of ways you could do the distressing ~ a little or a lot. You could let areas of the stained part show through by sanding, or you could add a brown shade here and there using a distressed technique. Oh, how I have done some painting in my day, girlie!! When John and I were first married I was a painting gypsy!! haha And, we would go "junking" in Germany...oh, the things I would find! Then, I would be out in the garage redoing them. I'll have to share one of my most favorite finds/redos with you!

    Happy Decorating!

  8. Thanks you guys for giving me some awesome ideas and input! Now it's just decisions, decisions... :)


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