Friday, May 6, 2011

Fun Finds Friday: Pink and Mustard

On Monday I was feeling a little blue, so I went out for a little retail therapy.  (And it helped.)  While I was out, I found this adorable skirt from Old Navy and just had to take it home.  I so loved the colors that I decided to make it the inspiration for my Fun Finds Friday post.  These are things that I've found on Etsy, and they are currently on my wish list.  I think my skirt plus these beautiful handmade and vintage finds would make an adorable outfit, so I decided to share.

1.  My super cute new skirt from Old Navy -- I am loving these colors right now, and it's a great little shape on.

2.  Sunshine Yellow Corsage Sash by pinktea6 --  Umm... I want this sash!  It would be so adorable with this skirt and a simple soft pink or white tank! 

3.  Sweet Kate Vintage Collage Bracelet by lonkoosh -- Is this pretty or what?  The colors would go so well with my skirt, and keep that feminine, vintage look that I love so much.

4.  Dreamy Pink Organza Flower Hair Clips by Miss Glory --  Don't you just love these?  I'm obsessed with little clips like these right now.  Very feminine ones like these... not the huge silk flowers you see sometimes.  I think they are the perfect accessory here in Hawaii when you have curly or wavy hair like me.  Just let your hair air dry when you can, pull it up in a messy side-swept bun, and add one of these adorable little suckers to look like you actually spent time on your hair.  Very pretty and very cute.

5.  Spring Time Earrings by nanofactory --  I love earrings!  I love having earrings for every outfit, and these would be perfect with my skirt ensemble.  So beautiful!

6.  Mustard Yellow Clutch by jandem -- Love this clutch.  So pretty...  It would be perfect with this skirt or with jeans and a cardigan.

Hope you liked today's finds.  Have a fantastic weekend!

Oh, and I am super close to being finished with the soft pastel portrait from the giveaway last week.  I can't wait to show you guys when I finish!

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