Monday, May 9, 2011

New Painting!

I decided to do a little experiment... Something that I have never been fond of doing.  

What is that, you ask?

 It's doing artwork that includes homo sapiens... a.k.a.  people.

I've always shied away from doing any kind of artwork or portraits that include people because I never feel that my work is good enough.  People always seem way too complex and complicated, and as I've told you before, I hate failure. 

The other day, though, I decided it was time to man, er, woman up and begin conquering that fear. 

I decided on using a picture made by one of my friends here in Hawaii.  It was a photo of her two precious little girls on the beach, and I didn't think she would mind letting me use it since I was intending on giving it to her as a gift IF it turned out okay. 

Surprisingly, it didn't take me a super long time to do this piece.  It only took two days.  World record speed for Lindsay here...

Anyway, I know you're wanting to see it by now, so here it is.

Okay, so I still played it super safe by not showing faces (plus, the beauty of 
soft pastels is the "painterly" look with few details), but at least it's people!

 It may sound silly, but it has taken me quite a bit of courage to share this piece.  I constantly worry that "real" artists are going to think my work totally stinks, so it's hard to share it sometimes.  It's getting a little easier though.  

What do you guys think?

I'm looking into getting prints made of certain pieces for my shop.  Be on the lookout, and I'll let you know if it all works out.  :)


  1. I think you did a stunning job and your friend is going to love it!!!

  2. Love it! It is beautiful! You are a great artist!

  3. Lindsay, this is beautiful!! did an amazing job! I can just imagine how thrilled your friend will be ~ what a special piece! Girl, don't be are an amazing artist...share it with the world!! :)


  4. always!!! :)

  5. it's so beautiful, it made me tear up. i can not thank you enough!!you are amazing!!

  6. Thanks for the sweet comments. :) They really make my day!

  7. Keep your confidence high! I think you've done an amazing job. It's always easy to over critique yourself...and never be able to really SEE your own abilities! You've done awesome... Be proud of yourself!


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