Monday, May 23, 2011

Sometimes Things Just Don't Go As Planned...

I had hoped that I would be a little farther along on my coffee table experiment by now.  (If you didn't read about round one and the coffee table's victory the other day, read it here.)  Life, however, had other plans for me this weekend.  As planned, I spent my Saturday morning at a Spin-athon on base, where I rode a Spin bike for 3 1/2 hours.  I finished every minute too... Yay!!!  When I got back home, exhausted and hungry, I saw that it was time to take my great big fur baby to the vet.

My poor sweet Duke was not feeling well, and hadn't been feeling well since Friday morning.  I just watched him to see if he was having an off day, but by lunch time on Saturday, it was obvious that it wasn't as simple as that.  I took him to my local vet, telling them he wasn't eating, wasn't doing number two, was lethargic, and just didn't seem right... plus, he might have a little bit of pain in his neck.  They said the symptoms were too vague to really determine anything in particular right away.  When they took his temperature, the poor guy had a fever.  (In case you're wondering, the high end of normal in a dog is 102.5, and my big guy's was 104.)  Since they didn't even know where to start, and since vet bills in Hawaii can be completely and totally outrageous if not kept in check, they said it would probably be best to try putting him on antibiotics for a few days to see if it helped.   Then, if that doesn't work in a few days, I could bring him back in for blood work or X-rays, and by then I might have noticed another symptom to help determine what's wrong. 

I took my poor big guy home, and he slept.  I had worked myself into such an anxious, worried. and exhausted mess-- which was made worse by the fact that I was trying to decide what to do alone, instead of consulting with Kent like I normally would, that I had gotten a mean booger of a headache and ended up resting too.  Needless to say, I didn't get anything done on my coffee table project, or anything else for that matter.

I know plenty of people say, "Oh please... It's just a dog."  When you don't have kids, though, and you're alone most of the time except for your sweet dogs, they become your family.  It kills you when they are sick and can't tell you what's wrong or what hurts.  I know a lot of people know exactly what I'm talking about, and I just think that anyone who would say "it's just a dog" has never experienced their unconditional loyalty.

After a good night's sleep, Duke's fever seemed to be down-- or so it sure seemed that way because his ears were no longer on fire, and he seemed to feel a little better.  He was at least walking around, his eyes looked brighter, and he wagged his tail.  I noticed his neck seemed more sensitive, though, so I'm continuing to watch him closely.  This made me feel secure enough, though, to leave him to go pick up a few supplies to work on the coffee table project.  (I think I'm taking him to the vet again today for either an X-ray or blood work, whichever the vet recommends with my new observation.) 

If you read about the fiasco with the table on Friday, you'll know that I started it but ended up sanding it down to the bare naked wood and starting over. 

I went to pick up more sand paper, check out outdoor rugs (maybe for the lanai?), and look at paint samples for my living room (because I need more color in my life, even if I have to paint it back the original color in a year or so).  When I got back home, I finished the last of my sanding, and put on a layer of primer.

Finally, no crayon showing through!!!!  (It shouldn't though because I sanded more than I probably should in some areas to make sure the marker and crayon marks were all gone.)

I also put a coat of paint on it, too, but by the end of the day, it was too dark to get a decent photo, so you guys will just have to wait.  Sorry! :)  Hopefully, I'll have more to share on this project in the next few days.  I also think I've gone a little crazy, so I may paint my living room in the next day or so... I'll be sure to show you if I do.  

In the meantime, keep my big fur baby (and my nerves) in your prayers.  I don't do well with things not going right when I'm all by myself.    I had quite a lot planned for this past weekend and the coming week, but things are getting shifted a bit.  Hang in there with me, and I'll have some fun stuff to show you soon!  :)


  1. They are not "just dogs." I havd a little guy and our fur child is just as much a part of our family as our son. They are best buddies...and our fur child is the best one to cheer me up on those bad days

  2. I know that was a stressful 24 hours! I'm glad he seems to be feeling better though and hopefully whatever it is will pass on it's own or you'll figure it out soon. Hugs to Duke!

  3. Stephanie- Absolutely. They are always around to make us feel better.

    Cat- Thanks! Duke seems to be much better today, and I'm so thankful. I'll pass on a big hug to him. :) I know he'll love that!


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