Monday, July 25, 2011

Little Weekend Project

Over the weekend (and the last part of last week), I worked on crocheting another beanie/hat. This time, I wanted to make a girlie one. 

I didn't have a real pattern, as I sort of wanted to experiment a little, so I just started working, and this is what I came up with.

I wanted to include fan stitches and beads somewhere in the piece, so I did.  It was my first time doing the fan stitch in the round, and it was also my first time working with beads, so I was sort of proud. :)

So you can see what it looks like on, yours truly decided to "model" it in front of my camera phone.
Yeah... it's reminiscent of a middle-schooler's MySpace profile pic, but, hey, cut me some slack.  No one was available at the moment to snap it for me....

Anyway... I've been thinking about making more for my shop-- and some beanie/scarf combos-- since Fall will be right around the corner.  What do you guys think about that idea?  Any color suggestions or things you'd like to see in a one-of-a-kind handmade piece?

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  1. PUH-LEEZ teach me/help me get started. Every day I start and watch YouTube videos and I have my two books that you got and I end up having to unravel. I WILL NOT GIVE UP, but I need someone like you to help me get started. Your talent is amazing, Lindsay!! I definitely think you need to make some and put them on your Etsy shop. Seriously. Your peach colored beaded hat is DARLING!!!!! And no one else would be wearing the same thing. You should definitely Etsy some. Not only would they be so darned cute and unique, you are the kind of person who does your work "right", so it would be very well made. That's what consumers want. But can you please teach me how to do one for my husband just so that he has something I made for him? LOL!!! I'm not good at this stuff like you are. I am just pea green with envy of your talent!


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