Friday, July 15, 2011


After my posts earlier in the week and my absence yesterday, I think it's pretty obvious that I've been super happy with the man of house returning.  What about "my boys," though? How are Murphy and Duke adjusting to the 6'5" two-legged creature being back in the house?

I'll put it this way.... The following picture (taken with my iPhone, so forgive the quality) was Duke the morning the hubby left on his trip.
He stayed this way for a good 30 minutes after he heard the super loud noise of the Kent's project cruiser drive away.  It was completely pitiful.  For weeks, he ran to the door whining every time he heard a loud vehicle drive by.  When Kent is home, he is Duke's "person," so when he left for a while 
poor Duke didn't know what to do.

In time, he got more used to the situation and stopped running to the door every single time... Instead, his ears just pricked up until the loud sound would pass.  He became my shadow, and I became his "person."  I was super curious to see how the transition would happen when the husband returned. 

This is how it went down.... We walked in the door from the airport, Duke lost his mind with excitement, and I seemed to vanish from the universe.  No transition period needed for him.  He's as happy as a clam following his man around and riding in the truck or the cruiser pretty much everywhere.

Oh, and he gets to sit in the recliner again...
And he LOVES it. :)  Can you tell?

Little Murphy is happy too.  I think he believes he has "his life back."  Since Duke is no longer around me 24/7, little Murphy gets as much attention as he pleases... and I think he's pretty thrilled about that.  I think it's a good deal for everyone. 

Happy Friday everybody!  Have a super weekend!


  1. seriously Lindsay, that almost made me cry. Unless you're a dog person, you just don't 'get' it I don't think - the bond between pooch and person. Glad everything is rigth with the world at your house for the time being! Have a fantastic weekend!

  2. This is adorable! I love the recliner picture. I visited my pup this weekend (she's my mom's second daughter) and I honestly didn't want to leave. Your posts make me want to get my own dog soo badly. There's nothing like unconditional love!

  3. This was great to read, Lindsay. They really take it hard when the pack members leave and they are so full of delight when they return. Dogs are THE BEST.

  4. Awww. This makes me smile. :) One of my big worries was that when SoldierMan deploys *his* puppy will lose that bond. So glad that's not a given!

  5. Wow I've been away way too long! It looks like you've had a very happy month. Congrats on your hubby coming home :)

  6. aww your dogs are too cute! :)



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