Monday, July 11, 2011

Oh Happy Day...

I'm a happy girl.

The husband finally came back home on Friday, and he'll be around for at least a few weeks. Yay!

Over the weekend I was adjusting to having another human being in the house, along with all the things that entails.  Things like:
~having a toothbrush/toothpaste/shaving cream left by the bathroom sink.
~having all the clutter that comes along with him strewn all over the house.
~having cups/bottles/plates left all over the counter.
~having the toilet seat left up.
~having a ginormous pair of flip-flops left just outside the front door so that I trip on them.
~having lost complete control over the remote.

Of course there were plenty of good and wonderful things to get used to, as well.  Things like:
~having a reason to pull out dishes and cook something.
~thinking I'm talking to myself but then having someone answer back.
~being a passenger instead of a driver in the car because I can't stand to drive!
~having someone to run errands with.
~having someone else around who can let the dogs out.
~having someone to sit with on my lanai and talk and laugh with.
~having a date!

Speaking of a date...  I finally got my date night opportunity to wear my crochet dress!

Even before I knew he would be home this weekend, I had planned to go to downtown Honolulu to photograph a friend and her fiance before an Army ball, so when my hubby returned, I told him he had to come too.  (He didn't complain at all.)  

I took the photographs at one of the hotels there, and then we wandered through the hotel to a little bar down by the beach.  We sat in pool furniture listening to a live two-man band play The Eagles and just about any other good ol' music you can think of, sipping Mai Tai's, watching the ocean and the palm trees while the sun set.  (Does it really get any better than that?)  Then we wandered down the road for some yummy Japanese food at Benihana's.  Boy, oh boy, I can't tell you how nice it was to go on a date... even though it really hadn't been a super duper long time, it had been plenty long enough.

Since it was just the two of us and I still wanted a picture before we left, I set up the tripod and set my camera for some consecutive shots in hopes we might get at least one good one.  (If you know my husband, you know he turns into a clown when the camera comes out... so although we did get a few "good" shots, we got a few goofy ones too.)  Here are a few out-takes...

Happy Monday!  Hope your week is off to a great start!


  1. that's wonderful!! sounds like a great date and I love the dress! you look beautiful!

  2. yeah for date night!!! or date day. i'm a fan of both!! so glad you got your date night!!

  3. Awww yay!!! I love all the outtake pictures, I can really feel the love with y'all it's so cute! Enjoy your time together! I'm sure your face hurts from smiling so much! :)

  4. Could you possibly look any more gorgeous?? LOVE your dress!! You look so happy :)

  5. Awww....big cheesy happy face :) Yay for having him home!


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