Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Thrills to Nil

Well, it's just me and the dogs again for a little while.  I'm not super bummed this time because I go home to Georgia in two and a half weeks, and the hubby will be joining me during my visit.  Then it will be another few weeks, and we'll have a little more time together out here in the middle of the ocean.  
I'm not complaining at all about this little stint.

It is weird, though, when he leaves it's like my house feels different.

I know that might sound really strange, but it's true.  It's like one minute it's lively and filled with laughs, and the next it's quiet and dull... or maybe that's just my mind.  It's hard to tell.  Either way, it feels different to me, and it takes a few days to get used to it again.

In the meantime, I've been falling back into my "alone" routine with the help of the Hallmark channel (gotta have my Golden Girls), my crochet hook, my "emergency" single serve DiGiorno cheese pizza (yes... I keep one of those in the freezer for "those days"), and a milkshake made with homemade Yoohoo ice cream. (side note:  I don't eat crap like that all the time.  I'll be going on a nice 5 mile run to make up for some of it shortly.)  My "jump" back into the swing of things seems to be working, and I'll be fine in my little routine in no time.  

Since I brought it up, and since it's super yummy, I thought I'd share the recipe for YooHoo ice cream.  My mom shared it with me, and we loved it, so we made it a few days ago before the husband left.

Remember this stuff?

Well, if you liked it when you were younger like I did, you'll love the ice cream.  Plus, it's super easy to make!

Here's what it takes:
1 can of sweetened condensed milk
1 quart of heavy whipping cream
and 2 cartons or a 12-pack of YooHoo (or if you live in Hawaii like me and Yoohoo isn't always available in cartons, just buy what you can find and fill the freezer to the "fill line")

Simply mix these ingredients in a 6 quart ice cream freezer, and follow the freezer's instructions. Then, enjoy!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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  1. I agree, without the husband homes just aren't the same. This recipe sounds you simple and delish, thanks for sharing! I can't wait for you to be home in GA, you're going to have a blast :)


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