Thursday, September 1, 2011

Pretty Pick Me Ups...

Before I left the island a few weeks ago, my one flower in my one little flower pot had died on me.  I've told you guys before that I wasn't born with a green thumb.  I had planted the little guy back in March, and I shared some photos in this post.  At the time, my goal had been to keep it alive for more than a month, and I definitely succeeded in that.  It lived nearly a whole five months, and for once, I don't think my flower died because of me.  The poor little flowers had simply run their course.  Anyhoo... the point of this story is that when I came back from my trip, I was not only met with a break in and a hurt pooch, but I also had to look at dead flowers by my front door.  The other day I decided that enough was enough.  I needed to brighten my world with some new flowers. 

So.... I went to Home Depot and got myself new plant for beside my front door.  This time, I decided to go with one from the "House Plant" section since the spot beside my front door never gets direct sunlight, and I can't remember to drag the pot into the sunshine for "x" amount of hours per day. 

I got an "anthurium" for beside the front door.
I chose it because, according to my research, it thrives in tropical climates with temperatures that range from 70-90 degrees.  It also doesn't need direct sunlight, and it doesn't need water every single day (perfect for people like me who lack a green thumb).  Let's hope this one will do well.

Immediately after I got home with my new Anthurium, I regretted not getting one of the Aloe plants that I saw.  Growing up, my Mimi always had Aloe, and it was fantastic for burns, sunburns, and even bug bites.  I thought I could use one around my house.

So I turned around and went back for an Aloe plant. 

And I couldn't stop with just that one.  I got two other little house plants to experiment with on my lanai.

Here they are...
They aren't very big, and like the Anthurium out front, they supposedly don't require a lot of water.  (And just in case you're wondering, from left to right they are Euphorbia, Echeveria, and Aloe.)

Let's hope I can keep these pretty little guys alive for a good long while.

What do you guys think?  Anyone besides me want desperately to be surrounded by pretty flowers and plants but you just don't have a green thumb? 


  1. Green thumb AND live in the desert! Actually, it makes for a pretty good combination, because the only things you can plant (that don't require tons of $$$ to sustain) are things like cacti and palms, which are extremely low maintenance.

  2. no green thumb here at all! every year I spend money to buy the stuff and plant my flower beds and my garden... and every year, without fail - it all dies! I'm horrible at it!

  3. Me!! NO green thumb. In fact, before Joe deployed last year we got a pink Euphorbia and I killed it within a few months. I always forget to water plants. Always. I LOVE flowers, but I wish they didn't need such upkeep!


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