Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tail Wagging Tuesday: Special Pup Feature- Jack

Hello all!  It's Tuesday and time for another installment of Tail Wagging Tuesday, a special pet feature.  This week my friend Sara let me share her sweet furry guy Jack.  Sara and I met at the dog park in my neighborhood, so I'm super thankful for Jack since he's not only a sweet little guy, but he also introduced me to one of my sweetest friends here on the island.  Here's what Sara has to say about her little guy.  :)

What kind of dog is Jack?  How old is he?
        We're not sure what breed he is, but we think he's mostly Italian greyhound and Basenji. He loves to run, and he's the smartest dog I've ever had. He's also very sensitive. We don't really know anything about Jack before he came to live with us, but we think he'll be two in January. 

Where did you get Jack?  What's his story?
        We had been promising our girls that we could have a dog when we came to live in Hawaii. I knew that I wanted to rescue a puppy that needed a good home. I looked for weeks trying to find the perfect little Curtis family pet. And there he was. The title on his ad said sweet little boy. He was so cute! He had been rescued by a woman who bred beagles, and someone had left him on her doorstep. At the time she had too many dogs, so she couldn't keep him. She brought him over to see if he was a match for our family. He was very scared and needed a lot of love and work, but I knew that he was meant to be ours.

How did Jack get his name?
        He has lots of names, Jack-a-mo, Jaque, big boy, Jack-a-mole. But it's kind of silly how his name came to be Jack. I wanted his name to be Coben, but my husband Jerimy was right, it just didn't fit him. Although I had always wanted a son, but we had two girls. If I'd had a son, I would have named him after my father-in-law Jack. I love my father-in-law very much, and I wanted to be able to honor him by naming his grandson after him. However, that just wasn't meant to be, so Jerimy said, "Well, this is the only chance you will ever have at a boy, so name him Jack."  His little ears perked up when we said Jack, so there you have it... I now have a boy named Jack.

What are Jack's favorite things to do?  Things that make him unique?  Crazy quirks or special sweet things he does?
        He has a million little things that make him him. I could go on forever. Because he has Basenji in him, he yodels, so every time we come home he talks to us and tells us how much he missed us and all about what he did while we were gone. It's really cute. If only he could really talk, I would love to know what he is thinking. When he looks at you, you just know he's thinking something, but he can't tell you.
      He's the best snuggling doggie. He just likes to be with his people. He loves doggie toys of any kind. He loves to fetch his ball and play tug of war. Every night he has to be chased from one room to the other. He loves it! He likes routine and doesn't like to get out of it, so Jerimy has to stay on his schedule every night starting at 7:00. Jack likes to go potty at 7:00, then it's upstairs for his game of chasing, then he waits patiently for the girls to get out of the shower so he can snuggle with them in bed while they are getting their stories read. Then he lays with me while I return emails. At 8:30 every night he must be covered up with his blanket in his bed only by Jerimy. It's so funny to see him wait there each and every night when we're running late in our routine. 

What makes Jack so special to you and your family?  What does he mean to you?
        I love how he goes to each person in the house for what he's needing at that moment. He comes to me to be loved on and  to be taken care of. He goes to Jerimy to playte. He goes to Abby to be fed or petted. He loves to lay with her when she's watching a movie. She rubs his ears and scratches his belly. And he goes to Maggie when he wants to wrestle or needs to go outside to potty. We make her do that a lot.
       He just gives us endless love. If you are in the mood to play, he is too. If you are in the mood to snuggle on the couch, he is too. He's taken a lot of work, but I think that has just made him more a part of the family. He had anxiety really bad when we first got him, and he couldn't be left alone for a second. But now he knows that we love him and that we will always come back for him. 

A big thanks to Sara for sharing her story with us!  I am in need of more volunteers to share their pups or kitties or feathered friends in a Tail Wagging Tuesday feature.  If you or someone you know might be interested, please shoot me an e-mail at TailsToTell [at] Live [dot] com.  I'd absolutely love to do a feature on your furry or feathered pal!

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