Thursday, September 29, 2011

Rovers and Rompers...

Hello all!  Hope you're having a great Thursday.  It's almost the weekend!

I've been enjoying some time with the hubs and the brother-in-law lately, so I haven't really been all about spending time on the computer and blogging.... sorry... 

I did, however, decide to check in today, say hello, and share a story with you. :)

The other day I was running errands with Kent, and we had to stop by the local satellite city hall so he could do something for his cruiser.  That local satellite city hall happens to be in the mall, so I snuck off and went down to Forever 21 to see what I could find.

And I bought something that I said I would never buy.

A romper.

Yep, a romper. (Where the heck did that name come from anyway??)

I put it on just for giggles, and I actually liked it.  Plus, it was so ridiculously comfortable that I couldn't leave the store without it.... not to mention the super awesome sale price it had stuck on it.  Sooo... I bought it and wore it yesterday. 
I made Kent take a few photos so you guys could see.  (Mind you, I am no model.  I was cracking up in half of these as I was trying to "pose," so bear with me... haha!)

 I didn't think it was too bad for running around in 80 degree weather here in Hawaii... cool and comfy, that's what I like. :)

While we had the camera out, I snapped a few photos of Kent and his best buddy.
I know Duke looks out of control in two of the photos, but he had just correctly performed some commands, so Kent was talking in his best high pitched voice and praising him to get him super fired up. :)  I just thought they were too funny not to share.

Then, I had Kent snap some with my sweet buddy Murph.
I love that little guy!

He posed nicely for a few photos, and then he saw a bug or a bird or something out the window, so he wanted down.  Then, this was the face I got...

Til next time!


  1. you are totally rocking that romper! when I tried them on they didn't look nearly that cute!

  2. The romper is fab!! I have two and I love them....but I do have to agree with you, where in the world did "romper" come from???

  3. 1. You rock the romper. I think the belt is what makes it.

    2. I love that last picture. Reminds me of my husky. :)


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