Thursday, June 16, 2011

Five Things Friday

This Friday I'm linking up with my bloggie friend Erika from Rouge and Whimsy(If you've never seen her shop, you should totally check it out.  She has beautiful things for your hair.  I own a couple of her pieces and LOVE them!)  She's starting a new series called Five Things Friday.  It's where you list five things that you are grateful for each week, and it's a little reminder not to dwell on the "yucky" parts because there really are many more better things.

1.  It may sound silly, but I'm thankful for my cell phone.  During the past weeks with no contact from the hubby, hearing the voices of my sweet family and friends back home has made me smile more than once.  Technology is awesome!

2.  I made a couple new friends this week.  It's always so nice to know more sweet people when you're away from your family.

3.  The sun finally came out long enough for me to enjoy some outdoor time and catch a few rays!  It sure makes you feel rejuvenated to enjoy some nice fresh air, a good breeze, and some warm sunshine.

4.  My doggies are finally feeling better, I've stayed nice and busy, and I met up with friends.  Add all that together, and it means I didn't see much of my unwelcome guest (anxiety) this week!

5.  I got some custom orders this week (and some paintings purchased from my shop) that renewed my confidence and will keep me busy and productive in the next few weeks. :)

So there you have it!  Five reasons that this was a good week!


  1. so happy u are hving a great week... u live in hawaii.. hubby and I wanna visit there one day.. that sounds magical! hugs xo I am participating in five on friday too! hugs xo

  2. Fun! I was just thinking today of doing some sort of 5 things posts on fridays! I'm going to have to check out her blog - I've never been to it! Sounds like you're having a great week!


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