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Tail Wagging Tuesday: Special Pup Feature- Tucker

Today's featured pup, Tucker, belongs to a super sweet bloggie friend of mine.  Even though we've never met in person, I will gladly call Ann-Margaret a friend.  When I first started this blog, I didn't realize how "clique-y" the blogging community can be.  While I was totally snubbed by others (even people I actually knew), Ann-Margaret welcomed me with open arms.  She is a super sweet lady, and I'm proud to feature her sweet furry baby today.  Let's see what she has to say about him....

What kind of dog is Tucker and how old is he?
     Tucker is a West Highland White Terrier, often called a Westie.

How did Tucker come to live with you?  What's his story?
      We were living in Germany, and I knew my husband would be deployed before long and also be away at other times. I really wanted someone to keep me company, so we began looking for the perfect "furry baby".  We looked at a few other breeds but really loved all the things we read about Westies.  We found a lady that had one Westie left and met her on a cold, snowy night in a little town about 25 minutes from where we were living.  She let us hold Tucker in our car so we could get to know him a bit while she waited in her car.  I just remember looking out the window while holding him, watching it snow, and looking over at John, my husband, to say "He's the one!"  We knew it the moment we held him! 

How did Tucker get his name?

     While reading about different breeds we decided to make a list of names we liked, and Tucker was one of them.  When we met Tucker we instantly mentioned that name and talked about how it just fit him perfectly.  We soon found ourselves laughing about how fitting it truly is because after he plays hard he loves to stretch out in such cute positions…and, we find ourselves saying, "he's all Tucker'd out"! :)  

What are Tucker's favorite things to do?  Any funny little quirks or silly things he does?
     Well, Tucker is officially the "CEBD" of my business…"Chief Executive Bebe Dog"….but, we really don't use the word "dog" at our house; it's "furry baby"!  So, he loves helping me keep the business running smoothly which involves him reminding me to take breaks to relax a little and love on him. Right now I am working at my computer, and he is all curled up in my lap with his head resting on my arm! Sometimes when I am busy and just working away on orders and such, he will come to my chair, stand on his hind legs, and "paw" at me with one paw, and if I don't stop what I am doing he will keep doing this with each "paw" getting a little stronger so that it's definitely hard to ignore.  So I look at him and say, "Tucker, do you need lovin'?"  Of course, who could resist a break like this, so I love on him, and he will usually put his head on my shoulder right by my face and sleep away while I continue to work! :)  {As you can see from one of his baby pictures, he started out working with me at the computer!} 
     He loves hanging out on the patio "sunning" a little and enjoys trying to keep the birds in line! haha  He also loves snuggling! He is truly a "lap baby" {I'm sure you've already figured that out! LOL}.  He enjoys sleeping late in our bed and is the best "night owl buddy" a girl could ask for!  And, he loves playing ball in the backyard but really likes to put up a sassy fight of growling when you try to get it from him to play some more!  
     Tucker loves to model for me.  I'm always grabbing my camera to catch him in the act of doing something cute or funny, and it's as though he just poses!  Kinda think he loves being the center of attention...maybe... just a hunch I have!  He also loves to blog!! Be sure to stop by to say "hi" to him, as he blogs on Tuesdays {he's been blogging for 2 years or so now!} and calls it "Tuesdays with Tucker" on my blog:  www.AnnMargaretsVisions.com.  He loves to respond to your comments!! :)  He also enjoys wearing his duckie bath robe after his spa time!  Even if we just walk to our mailbox, he will be jumping up and down with such excitement that when we come back in, we always laugh and say it's as though he has springs in his legs!  I can't imagine a better "welcome home" than this!!

What makes Tucker so special to you and your family?  Any specific times he was there for you or special things he's done?
     Tucker brings so much JOY and LOVE to our lives!  We often talk about how much happiness he fills our home with.  As I mentioned above, we adopted him while living in Germany which was during our first year of marriage (we've been married 13 years) so he has been right by my side through all of John's deployments while he was in the military and then all of the many times he has had to travel with work, always keeping me company and showering me with love.)  He lived with us in Kuwait…the lil fella has quite the sky miles! LOL  He and I made that long journey several times by ourselves so he is a "well seasoned" traveler!  While we lived in Alexandria, VA, my husband was traveling to Philadelphia every other weekend working on his MBA, and having Tucker by my side helped me through those times of being alone.  We've moved a good bit, and it's always a little difficult getting settled and making friends in a new place so having Tucker has truly helped me through so many moments of getting settled and feeling homesick for my family and friends.  He is a true best friend to me…and, to my hubby.  We are both absolutely crazy about him!  I won't ever forget the first deployment my husband left for in Germany (this was during our first year of marriage, when I was living in a foreign country, away from family and friends), and I had just gotten home from seeing John off at the flight line.  I remember walking inside our home and feeling so overwhelmed with emotion…the thought of that being the first day of many to come of not having John by my side.  I was just so sad about him having to leave and felt so lonely and filled with that question of "how am I going to get through this?".  I just sat on the floor, and Tucker was immediately by my side, loving on me and reassuring me that we were going to be just fine and get through each day…together.  Being able to wrap my arms around him gave me such comfort, and each time I walked in the door he was there to welcome me and make me smile.  He is my little soul-mate…and, honestly, he has been there for me when even humans have not been.  This may sound strange to some people, but if you are a "furry baby" lover I know you will "get" what I mean.  When there have been times that I was really concerned about something going on in our lives or just having a difficult day, I can love on Tucker and feel so much better.  He senses that I need him and comes over to me to give me the love and comfort I need at the moment.  I always tell him that I love him to the moon and back…times infinity!  That's the truth ~ my husband and I do everything we can to make his life as sweet as it can be, and I don't seem to go anywhere or chat with anyone that doesn't want to know how Tucker is doing! :)  If you know me, then, you know Tucker…because well, he's just a part of me… a part of my heart and soul!  He is such a blessing in our lives!

Tucker would love for you to become a fan of his Facebook page.

If you guys get a chance, check out Ann-Margaret's blog and her Etsy shop!  She has some adorable things! 
A big thanks to Ann-Margaret for sharing her sweet Tucker.  :)

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  1. Aww...Lindsay, thank you for your sweet words! I truly feel the same way about you! From the beginning I just felt such a connection with you and feel blessed to call you a friend, too! Tucker is so excited about being on your blog today...he's grinning from ear to ear!! :) Thank you so much for letting me share how much we love him with your readers. Hugs, sweet friend!


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