Thursday, June 23, 2011

Old Soul Fun

Have I told you lately that I'm an "old soul"?

Well, I am. 

Old movies? Love them.  
WWII era fashion and hairstyles? Adore them. 
Big band music? It's all I listen to when I paint. 

So does it surprise you when I tell you that I had a "crochet date" yesterday?  It probably shouldn't.

Yep, you heard, er... read, that right.  I had a super fabulous and amazing "crochet date" with my lovely friend SueAnn yesterday.  We met up at a nearby Starbucks.

We sipped yummy drinks and ate delicious goodies.

We did all this while we worked on crochet projects and people watched.

Yep... We're the dorks who sit around in 80+ degree summertime weather in Hawaii and crochet blankets and scarves.  But you know what?

We were happy as clams while we were doing it. :)
It's nice to enjoy a relaxing hobby with someone you really enjoy being around and who is in the same boat as you.  We were able to talk and enjoy some company for a while, even if it was just a few hours.  It sure does help when you haven't heard a peep out of your husbands in nearly a month.  I'm so blessed to know wonderful people like this.
Anyone else an "old soul"?  If so, how? :)
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  1. Love todays post, I feel like an old soul sometimes. I would much rather stay at home and watch old b&w all night then do the "normal" 20something thing. And I've always wanted to learn to crochet and swing dance! :-)


  2. That's so awesome, I love you even more for this! I love to crochet to but I probably won't pull my yarn out for another few months. It's gotta be hot cocoa sipping weather for me to really enjoy it!

    BTW: What are you making?


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