Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tail Wagging Tuesday: Special Pup Feature- Jasper

This week's special pup belongs to one of my newer bloggie friends, Sarah from G.I. Joe's Wife.  She is super sweet and has a great blog, so you should check it out sometime!

What kind of dog is Jasper, and how old is he?
     Jasper is a Boston Terrier mix. Don't ask with what because we don't know! =) He is 2 years old, but I still call him my puppy. Truth be told, he acts more like a teenager most days than a puppy. Haha!
What is Jasper's story?  How did he come to live with you?
     Ah, the story of Jasper. =) We adopted Jasper from a local shelter when we were living in NC in 2009. I had been dying to adopt/buy a puppy for several months. My husband, Joe, actually attempted to adopt one without my knowledge - to surprise me - but it ended up not working out. One day, my sister-in-law texted me and asked if I wanted to go with her and her father-in-law to a shelter in a nearby city to look for dogs. I happily agreed and met them there as soon as I got off work. I walked around with them, looking at all the precious dogs waiting for someone to love them. It was so loud from all the barking...and it smelled too. I felt so bad for them. We went to the next area and I saw 4 puppies in a kennel. 4, sweet, Boston Terrier mix puppies. Joe and I had been thinking of buying a Boston puppy, but couldn't afford a full-breed. I picked up one of them, called my husband and waited in their lobby until he got there. Since we needed an okay from our landlords to get a dog, I had to wait until the next day to fill out paperwork to adopt him. One week later, I picked up our sweet Jasper from the shelter and he's been with us ever since!!

How did Jasper get his name?
     Jasper is named after one of mine and Joe's favorite characters from the Twilight books. =) Joe and I both read the books the previous summer and were dying to get two dogs - a boy and girl - and name them Jasper and Alice. Yeah, we're corny like that.
What are Jasper's favorite things to do?  Any silly things he does or crazy quirks that make him unique?
     I think Jasper's favorite thing to do is sleep. =P I mean, he's really good at taking naps. Haha! His favorite toy is his "binkie" - his blanket. I bought it before we got him because our house was cold, and it was January. I didn't want my precious pup to freeze! Little did I know his favorite game would be tug of war. One of Jasper's quirks that I really love {most of the time, anyway} is that he loves to cuddle or be near us. For instance, if I'm at the sink doing dishes, Jasper is most likely to be sitting next to or on my feet. He's a sweet boy.

What makes Jasper so special to you and your family?  Particular times he's really "been there" or special things he's done?
     Jasper is my battle buddy. 6 months after we adopted him, Joe enlisted in the Army and went off to basic. After that, Joe was in AIT. Then, we moved to Hawaii and he deployed. Through all of it, Jasper has been my buddy. We hang out and watch TV together {I'm convinced that he does watch TV}, we play fetch and tug of war together, and he keeps me laughing...even when I've had a hard day. And Joe is his favorite person to play with. =)
What a sweet boy!  Thanks so much, Sarah, for sharing him with us.  Hope everyone is having a wonderful Tuesday!


  1. Aww, what a great post! He is such a cutie.

  2. I love reading Jasper antics! :) What a cute post.

  3. What a cutie! I actually laughed out loud at the photo of him with a blanket on his head :)

  4. So sweet I loved reading this story! These puppies are making me miss my furbabies though :(


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