Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My List Just Flew Out the Window....

I don't know if I've told you guys, but I'm a list person.

I mean, it's kind of bad.

At any given time, I might have 5+ lists going on.... my grocery list, my future household projects list, my artwork ideas list, my projects to finish ASAP list, my things to clean list, and of course my to-do list of the day.  (I know... I'm a little anal and a little nuts.  I'm okay with that, though.)

Well, anyhoo... After a weekend full of running around, baby showers, finishing paintings, and cleaning house-- followed by a Monday with more cleaning and work to finish, my Tuesday To-Do list seemed a little daunting.... and no fun....

All of my photos today are iPhone photos through Instagram... 
I didn't carry my "good camera" around all day.

Even though most of the things on my list were "creativity-related," I just wasn't feeling it.  (And believe it or not, it seems I do much better in the creative area when I'm actually inspired.  .:sense the sarcasm:..) 

I thought I would give it a go though, so I pulled out my running shoes and crossed off the first thing on the this.
I got in my 5 miles, and felt pretty good about it.

When I got back home, it was a gorgeous day.  I decided "my boys" needed a little time at the park since they haven't been lately because of our weird, funky, rainy weather.

After enjoying my outdoor time with them, I decided I needed a little outdoor time as well.  I was a little tired of wandering around Oahu looking like a ghost.  Who knew you could get so pale living in Hawaii??

So I grabbed my suit...

And some "brain candy"...

And went to sit by the pool for a while and get some good ol' Vitamin D.

By the time I got back inside later, I was pretty sure nothing else on that list was going to get accomplished.
I simply accepted it and decided to turn it into a nice relaxing and rejuvenating day so I could start fresh and inspired the next morning.

Sooooo..... I came in and read some more, fixed myself a little supper, read some more, and then decided I needed some of these....

Sometimes you just need a cookie.

Then, I read some more and some more and some more.... until I had finished the first little book!
(Not really a huge accomplishment... It was one of those two books in one things, and the first was only 150 pages... haha)

When I finished my book, it was late in the evening, so I decided to turn on my Golden Girls, have myself a little glass of this....
And start a new little crochet project.

All in all, it was a pretty fantastic day... even if the list did fly out the window.  Oh well!  You can't win 'em all!

I guess we'll soon see if it was enough to refill my dwindling "creative juice" tank....

Happy Hump Day everybody!


  1. That sounds like a fantastic day!!! Today was a PERFECT day to be at the beach or by the pool. Wish I could have too! =)

  2. You should put "have a relaxing list free day to do whatever I want" on your next list! :)


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