Friday, June 10, 2011

Fun Finds Friday: Lovely and Quilted

I have always had a thing for quilts.  I love the way the pieces all work together to form something bigger and more beautiful than each individual piece, and I love how a single quilt can hold so many memories.  Because I have always been so fascinated by that concept, a small lap quilt was one of the first things I ever tried to sew when I was probably in middle school.  I took some old shirts from all four of my grandparents and from both of  my parents to create that small patchwork quilt.  It may not be perfect, but I wouldn't take a million dollars for it.  It holds immeasurable sentimental value.

Yesterday I showed you some little baby quilts I recently finished for friends.  That quilting inspiration remained with me all week, so I decided to share some fun, quilted finds with you this Friday.  :)  Hope you like them!

1.  Quilted Pillow Sham by quiltsbykandy --  Aren't these lovely?  Simple touches like this add a sweet charm to any room in a home.

2.  Rag Quilt Purse by ChloesSandBox --  Love this simple little purse.  Pretty colors and a unique look.

3.  Queen Size Rag Quilt with Two Shams by SouthernCharmQuilts --  This is a really neat look, and with this particular quilt, you get to pick your own fabric from the seller's fabric selection.  Very cool!

4.  Kumari Holiday Mug Rug by SillyMamaQuilts  --  Okay, who knew there was a such thing as mug rugs?!?  I didn't.  This is too cute!  I may have to start making some as gifts.  (I want this one though!)

5.  Batik Fabrics Quilt Table Runner by SewFunQuilts  --  I love the colors in this table runner!  I feel like it would be perfect for any time of year. 

Happy Friday everyone!

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  1. Lindsay,

    Thank you so very much for posting a picture of my quilted pillow sham. The other quilted items are adorable!!! I just found your blog and I've had a great time reading your fun stories and looking at all of the fun pictures you have posted. I will be sure to follow your blog. Your dogs are so cute.

    Happy Friday!!!



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