Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Eyes Overflowing...

I knew by 6am this morning that it was going to be one of those days.

Duke decided that I should be awake and playing with him at 6 this morning (no, he didn't even have to go out). I tried to go back to sleep for just a little bit because I was up late the night before painting, but I woke up less than an hour later with not only a crick in my neck, but an actual neck cramp!  I've never had that happen before... what in the world??

At this point, I'm still thinking there's a possibility things could get better.

Then my clumsy self catches my little toe turning the corner walking into the bathroom.  Shoot.  Really?

I walk downstairs to scrounge for breakfast since it's the first thing I think about when my eyes open.  I want a bagel.... Crap, no bagels.

After settling for a Pop-Tart, I go back upstairs to put on a brand new t-shirt.  Sometimes looking the part makes a day better, right?

Doesn't work for me today... As soon as I try to have a glass of juice, it goes all over me.  Wonderful.

It doesn't help that Kent isn't around. It doesn't take long to start feeling alone on this stupid rock known as Oahu, and  I quickly start missing having someone to talk and cut up with at breakfast.

Just as I'm ready to scream and/or crawl back into bed until I get to start over tomorrow, I see four brown eyes looking at me.

It occurred to me that they don't care if I have juice on the front of my shirt.  They don't care if I have on make-up or if my hair is fixed.  They wouldn't care if I had green skin and six eyes.  The only thing in the world they care about is love (aside from eating... Murph especially is a little piggy).  Those four eyes are overflowing with love.  When these guys are with me, I'm not alone.

Sure, they can't talk back to me, but they are there for me when I just want to sit and hug them or be entertained or just have another living creature in the house with me.  They love me with a love and loyalty that is unmatched by anyone or anything else besides God.  We all should take a lesson from dogs and try to love those around us with the same unconditional love.  The world sure would be a much better place.

After my little revelation, I got back on track and worked on two different paintings and two "Cute as a Button" springtime wreaths.  You'll see both very soon.  Be on the lookout for them in my shop.  :-)

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  1. Hi Lindsay! Thanks for the comment on my blog-- your morning sounds like most of my mornings. Your puppies are cute too :)


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