Sunday, March 6, 2011

Nelly the Beagle... Finished!

Yesterday afternoon while it was gloomy out, I felt super duper inspired and finished Nelly's portrait.  Working on her portrait was a lot of fun.  I especially loved working on her light colored eyes.  Most of the time I only get to do dark brown, so it was nice to work on the amber/gold color of hers.  Without further ado, here she is...

Hope you like her!

On another note, I'm crossing my fingers that it will stop raining later.  My little cousin-in-law (if that's a real term) sent me a cute little letter to help her for part of a school project.  You may have heard of Flat Stanley.  He is an adorable cut-out of a little man that she colored.  I'm supposed to take him to a specific landmark and take his picture so they can learn how to locate it on a map.... so cute!  The teacher in me wants to go all out for this, so if the weather will start cooperating, I'm going to take him to several landmarks, take several pictures, and send him back with a box of little leis for classroom.  I think they would enjoy that.  I'll share pictures later.

Oh, and just for the sake of cuteness, here's a picture of Murphy's newest endeavor.  He's attempting to take on Duke's GIGANTIC rawhide bone since Duke is showing no interest in it.  I think it weighs more than Murphy.

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