Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Small Wonders

I got to babysit this morning.  It was so much fun hanging out with my friend's four-year-old little girl, Maggie. 

Since I haven't been in the classroom in a while, I had sort of forgotten how cool it is to be around little kids.  The things they come up with, their imaginations, and the wonder they have for the little things are all so special.  Little children are so special.  (Side note here... I love little kids, but at this point in my life I love that I can appreciate them and give them back to their parents at the end of the day.  In the future and all in good time, I'm trusting that God-- not my sweet mother-in-law, my sweet friends, or anyone else-- will change my heart on that.)

We blew bubbles for a long time this morning.  I'd forgotten how much fun that was, too-- the simple joy of sitting there, dipping the wand, and gently blowing to watch the bubbles form and have their moment of glory before vanishing. 

Maggie was pretty fascinated by it all... in one of those "it's magical" kind of ways.  It's so neat to see little kids look at things with fresh eyes and wonder at it all.  I was glad to have that moment this morning to sit and watch and remember what it was like to so appreciate the little things like bubbles.  Maggie reminded me that I need to slow down, notice, and remember those little things more often.

This is not my photo.  It came from HERE .
So often I find myself wishing for more more more, or maybe a slightly different outcome for a situation (For instance, why in the world am I so far from my family? Why isn't the teaching thing working like I had planned? Or even why did I stub my toe just now?)    Like any of us imperfect mere mortals, I guess I'm never really satisfied.  When I really stop to think about it though, I realize that God does give me little reminders all the time that I really am blessed.  Today, I'm reminding myself to appreciate the small wonders... like bubbles or a pretty sunset or a nice breeze on a hot day or even a smile from a stranger. 
 This one actually is my photo. :-)
(Sorry if I seem a little sappy today... I'm just feeling blessed remembering these things and it's overflowing.)

   Hope everyone is having a fantastic and blessed week!

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  1. It's easy to look past all of God's blessings, for sure. Great reminder!
    BTW, I waited until 30 to have my first - wouldn't change a thing except maybe my energy level, ha! God definitely has His plan for us all. ;-)


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