Monday, March 21, 2011

Icky Obsession

It was a crazy Monday.  Spin, lunch with a friend, planning a trip to a neighbor island with that friend for Kent and I along with she and her significant other, shopping, and painting kept me super busy all day.  I didn't have time to take any cool photos of any new projects... not that I really have anything I can show just yet.

Instead of a how-to or an update on ongoing projects, I thought I would write about something that usually makes people laugh... once they get over the initial shock of it.

This next part is just background so you understand the situation, so don't get too freaked out.

If you've never been to Hawaii, or even if you have, you might not know that it is home to 18 different varieties of cockroaches.

EEEEEEEKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!  I know... complete and total grossness.  Paradise is infested with some of the nastiest, creepiest, grossest, most disgusting, revolting (you get the picture) little critters on the planet.  They are a part of life around here that is pretty much unavoidable.

I don't mean they are all in your house climbing on the walls.  Exterminators do good business here and keep that pretty much under control in most places.  They are everywhere outside though.  I doubt you could take a long walk outside at night without seeing one cross in front of you on the sidewalk.

They're just there.  Period.  When you live here, you just deal with it.  You're going to see roaches and geckos.  (I guess it's true you really can't have it all.  Beautiful beaches, gorgeous mountains, and incredible weather come with creepy crawly little critters.)

Okay.  Now that you know the background, I can tell you about my personal exterminator... in addition to the ones hired by the housing office.

He works for free, lives with me, weighs 20 pounds, and has red and white hair.

Yep.  You guessed it.  It's Murphy.

I had no idea when I got him that I was going to have this wonderful added bonus, but he has an absolute OBSESSION with little tiny things that move.  His prey drive is out of control, and luckily he takes it out on roaches and the occasional gecko that might try to venture into my lanai or come out of the yard and too close to the house.  (Just so you know, the lanai is not really a main part of my house... It's kind of like a screened in porch separated by a nice, thick sliding glass door.  It has a concrete floor with a screen door separating it from the yard, so unfortunately nighttime creepy crawlies try to come visit me.)  

Every night Murphy feels that it's his job to go on patrol.  He stands at that sliding glass door and watches and waits.  When he sees a movement, it's on.  He scratches at the door to let me know he needs to go out and "hunt."

This is a nightly occurrence.

(Yes, I'm from Georgia.  I have a strong accent... Like the long toe thing, I'm learning to embrace it.)
I believe Murphy also thinks he is a cat, as he treats his "kills" the same way a cat would.  He likes to put them just outside the sliding glass door in a "pile" so I can see them the next morning.  Lately, this pile has been on Duke's bed just outside the door on the lanai.  

The other night he was driving me crazy wanting to go outside to "hunt," so I just shut him on the lanai and propped the screen door open so he had access to the yard for about two hours.  I believe he worked his exterminator magic on the entire yard and lanai because this is what I saw the next morning when I went to clean up. (I took the picture with my phone... Sorry it's not the best quality, but you can certainly get the idea.)

See how proud he is?  

Once you get over the initial shock of the grossness of those little critters and you realize it's just life and you can't change it, it's pretty darn funny.  

I'm pretty thankful to have my own little exterminator-- especially when Kent is away.  All I have to do is yell for Murphy if something happens to make it inside.  He's there in a jiffy, catches whatever it is, and takes it outside.  It's the perfect setup.  :)  

Does anyone else in the world have their own little exterminator, or am I just that lucky?

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