Sunday, March 20, 2011

Relaxing and Pink Paisley

After days and days of working on this project or that project-- furniture, pet portraits, painting things for my house, etc., it had gotten to the point that when I closed my eyes last night I saw nothing but things I needed to work or new projects to tackle.  Usually I welcome such inspiration, but I was tired, and I needed to sleep.  I decided that if I ever got to sleep, I would give myself a break, so I today I took the day off of any kind of "project." 

Instead of throwing myself into something new today, I was going to relax, enjoy, and catch up on the little things that I've not done in quite a little while.  I started my day by taking my "boys" on a long walk and doing a little shopping.  (Got some good deals... so that's always good.)  Then I came home to catch up on the "Army Wives" episodes I've missed... which happens to be the entire season so far.  (Luckily that's only two episodes.)  I decided that while watching, I would also paint my toes.

In Hawaii, I wear flip-flops ("slippers" as they are called around here) all the time.  My toe nails are always exposed, so I like to have fun and festive colors or designs on them all the time.  It just makes me smile.

Since my latest obsession is paisley prints, I thought why not put paisley on my toes?  

Pink paisley.  Bright pink, orange, and yellow paisley.  Fun!  (And I need some fun right about now.  It's the same time as always when Kent is gone on a trip that I finally slow down enough to realize I'm alone in the house and that I haven't had a good conversation in a few days... always happens about a week in.  I get a little blah for a couple days, then keep right on truckin' and stay busy until he's back... but this is a side tangent...)

I pulled out my handy dandy box of nail polish... full of lots and lots of colors that I've picked up because I love to do nail art.

This was my color palette for the day.
Super fun, right?

I painted a base of the light pink, then did the paisley shapes in orange.  I added little extras to the orange with dark pink and yellow, plus some little polka dots for extra appeal.  

This is what I came up with.
(Sorry I wasn't born with the world's cutest feet like my sweet Mimi, my mom's mom)
(And yes, I have abnormally long toes.  I actually used to be quite embarrassed by them.  I wouldn't wear open toed shoes for a while sometime around 8th grade.  Then, just as I was coming to terms with and embracing my long toes, my college professor, in class as he was walking by, said to the whole class, "WOW!  You have some really long toes!".  Needless to say, after I recovered from the flash of heat I felt from that embarrassment, I was set back a few notches in the "embracing the long toes" department.  I accept them now though, and I figure if I point them out first, it can't ever be that bad.... so now you know my whole toe story.)
Here's a closer nail photo so you can see the design better.
I think they are pretty fun and "springtime-ish."
Does anyone else like to do nail art? 

Now, off to enjoy the rest of my relaxing day!  Hope everyone's weekend is going as great as mine!


  1. fantastic!! you are ridiculously creative!

  2. dont be embarrassed! you have really really pretty, long toes!


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