Saturday, March 5, 2011

Lovely Lazy Saturday

Well, it's Saturday.  This particular Saturday happens to be a gloomy one here in Hawaii, and that really doesn't happen very often.  The majority of the time it's sunny and beautiful here, so I welcome a nice cloudy/rainy day every once in a while.  It reminds me of home.

The other night we had a storm with lots of wind and pouring rain-- another rare occurrence here-- and I loved falling asleep to the wind hitting the window.  It reminded me of the summer thunderstorms back home.

This particular lovely lazy Saturday, Kent and I are enjoying working on some of our favorite hobbies. 

He's been outside working on his 1967 Land Cruiser.  Here's a picture of "the Cruiser," as he calls it, before he started working on it.  Now it's white with black Herculiner on the inside, new seats, and lots of other stuff.  (I'll share a new pic later on when he does some more work on it.) 
Yeah, he loves his Cruiser.

While he's been outside doing that, I've been upstairs in my "studio" working on a painting of Nelly the beagle.  Homes/living spaces in Hawaii are small compared to what I'm used to in the South, so my guest bedroom is our office/guest room, and I use a very large utility closet (thank goodness it has a window) for my studio space.  It is the perfect size for storing all of my supplies on the shelving and has enough room for my desk, chair, an easel, and my studio pals Murphy and Duke when they decide to join me.  It's super plain right now though.  I need to put some things on the walls around me to give me a little more inspiration.  Right now it's about as exciting as a hospital room.  Any ideas/tips on creating a colorful (without paint), lively, and inspiring studio space are welcome.  Despite my dull (for now) studio space, I'm trucking right along on Nelly and hope to have her finished in the next day or two.  I'll share a photo when I'm finished.

Murphy and Duke, "the boys" as we call them, have been following our lead and enjoying one of their favorite hobbies on this lazy Saturday-- sleeping.  Murph slept under my feet as I painted for a while, and then stretched out on the couch downstairs.  And when I say "stretched out,"  I mean stretched out... Have a look..

Duke soon followed suit....
My guys are kind of crazy.

It may seem like a dull day to an outsider, but we sure are enjoying it.  Hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday as much as me!

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  1. Take a clothesline strength string or ribbon and hang it zigzag on the walls. Then take clothes pins and hang your photos on the line. You can change them as your inspirations change and it will give you life in the space... XOXO Marianna


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